A remarkably beautiful delivery of an urgent conservation message

‘POLAR BEARS, beloved & betrayed’ is a sharp and unique commentary.

Across eight brief chapters, each consisting of eight condensed revelations, the state of the polar bear today – at the mercy of twenty-first century man – is laid bare.

And along the way, almost 100 stunning photographs reveal the essence, the individuality, and the beauty of the animal.

”Morten Jørgensen’s appreciation of polar bears is self-evident in this book about one of the most iconic animals that roam this planet – a book about love and betrayal, beauty and ugliness. While the stunning images by the author and Kyriakos Kaziras show the breathtaking beauty of polar bears, the accompanying text exposes the ugliness of international polar bear conservation, with its power plays, evasive manoeuvres, and political correctness. To solve a problem, you must de ne the problem – in its entirety. In this critical book, Morten Jørgensen does precisely that. Polar bear conservation revealed: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Marsel van Oosten

This book will be available also in German, French, Italian and Russian in 2023.


Morten Jørgensen is a tour operator, expedition leader, guide, lecturer, author, photographer, conservationist. He has for 25 years specialized in small-ship expeditions in the polar regions. He is dedicated to enhancing polar bear conservation through informing the public of (the failures of) the current management regime which is driving the species towards extinction. Now has two books out on the subject.

Some more reader comments:

“I got your book today! What a fabulous surprise! It's beautiful! I'm so excited!”

”Great was my joy when I found your book in my mailbox. Since I went bedridden with Covid the very same day, I could spend all my time reading the book. It is very good and to the point. Chapter 7 is very important in this challenging discussion.”

“The photography is excellent, as is the book production. Congrats on a job very well done. What to say about the message - yes, all that you say is both correct and depressing ... Unfortunately, we have a governmental tradition of talk and obfuscation being far more prominent than real accomplishment. And trust me, it doesn't only apply to polar bears....”

“Your book is superb. The pictures are out of this world. Have you sent a copy to Justine Trudeau? I think he is on the whole a good man. He will not want the bears to near extinction for his grandchildren. It is also a book that grandparents can show and discuss with grandkids specially in the upper northern hemisphere.”

Sample image from the book

Sample image from the book

Sample image from the book

Sample image from the book